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Blue Charm Adherence is a healthcare company which provides patients with interactive self-help platforms that assist in managing health and medication adherence.

"Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them."- C. Everett Koop, Former US Surgeon General

chronic disease

According to the WHO, chronic disease prevalence is expected to rise to 57% of the world’s population by 2020.

290B in savings

Optimization of medication adherence is estimated to provide an opportunity for $290 billion in savings in the US alone (New England Healthcare Institute, CPESN, 2017).

50% of patients

Approximately 50% of patients with chronic conditions in developed countries do not adhere to their medication regimen (WHO).

Medication Adherence

Medication Adherence refers to whether patients take their medications as prescribed, or the correspondence between drug administration and the actual history of the prescribed regimen.

How it works

Screen Home


Set yourself up for success with adherence reminders: engage and earn!

Screen Rewards


Learn about your disease and treatment and reward yourself.

Screen Journal

Medication Cabinet

Find comprehensive information about your medication and manage your prescriptions effectively.

Screen Medication


Keep track of your daily wellbeing.


Blue Charm Adherence will commence a launch to its industry partners in the first quarter of 2021. The medication adherence platform will then be available directly to patients in the second quarter of 2021. We are now encouraging healthcare providers and pharmaceutical brands to come together and work with us on this important initiative and tools for improvements to medication adherence.